Capsule Wardrobe 101

DSC_0079Capsule Wardrobe 101

I am not a Minimalist. BUT! My closet was exploding and I was tired of wasting time each morning choosing what to wear. I tried Googling ‘Minimalism’ and ‘Capsule Wardrobe’… not gonna work.  These sites tried to convince me to get rid of my entire wardrobe! Not happening!

After some research, I discovered the phases capsule wardrobe. There are four phases (one for each season) and you have 50 items in each phase (not including athletic clothes, pajamas, socks, or underwear).

To start…

Look at your current wardrobe and choose a color palate for the next 90 days. Each season one phase of your capsule wardrobe will be in use. Try to choose a different color palate for each season so it feels like a new wardrobe.

Get all the clothes out of your closet

Dump it all on the bed. Get some music on and start dumping clothes you don’t recognize or don’t remember the last time you wore. Organize your clothes into three piles.

  1. I wear this now and I love it
  2. I will wear this in another season
  3. I don’t wear this/doesn’t fit

Take pile number three to the nearest thrift store and forget about it. Also! If you aren’t sure you about a certain item, put it somewhere you won’t see it for 30 days.  If you don’t need it or want it at the end, toss it.

Take your favorite clothes and start working on your capsule wardrobe!!!

Choose your favorites and get started!

Here’s what you need for Spring.

2 pairs jeans


tan shorts

2 tank tops

3 t-shirts

denim shirt

2 plaid shirts

3 dresses

2 pairs of sandals

tan heels

Remember! Choose clothes that mix and match. Also feel free to add in statement pieces! Since creating my capsule wardrobe, my apartment feels bigger, brighter, and I spend less time picking out what I’m going to wear.

Enjoy your new freedom!




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